Hanging out with family

Lisa Clarke makes families that hang together on PolymerClayDaily.com

Lisa Clarke (PolkaDotCottage) brings families together on the Christmas tree. Her jaunty characters have big smiles and quirky clothes.

Catching kids and pets together for a picture might be tough but Lisa gathers them into one cheery, memorable ornament that will be treasured. She’s stopped taking orders for this year so it looks like you’ll have to take a stab at a family ornament yourself.

Check out her polymer crochet hooks, tutorials, and other goodies.

  • reply Lisa Clarke ,

    Ooh, what a nice surprise to see my little faces looking back at me today ?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

      (I should know by now that emoji get displayed as question marks here! That should have been a widely grinning face)

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