• reply Sophia ,

    Wonderful to see three great pc artists working together!
    The bowl is gorgeous! Lindly, you look fabulous!

    • reply Patti Underwood ,

      Wow!!! I was holding my breath … it’s fabulous!!

      • reply Binky Melnik ,

        I cringed at “Teamwork is dream work,” because social interaction is *exhausting* to introverts! Working with others is a nightmare for us.

        (The quote is actually “Teamwork makes the dream work,” which makes me slightly less squirmy. ??)

        I’ve seen a lot of your inlaid polymer, Cynthia, and would dearly love to hear more about it! I sooo envy folks who kind do that kind of thing (and envy even more folks who have partners with whom they can work!). It looks delicious, and you always do such a terrific job! ?

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