Sayonara and a new link

I thought I’d keep writing PCD occasionally but my inner 5-year-old defiantly stomped her feet and said, “No.”  There was no coaxing her back to the computer.

Abandoning artwork and artists gathered over 18 years didn’t feel good either. That’s a lot of water under the bridge! How to solve the dilemma?

My mind wandered back to the beginning of my art adventure…the Columbus Guild, the National Polymer Clay Guild. Each step got me closer to the IPCA which was fortuitously rebuilding their website. IPCA said yes!

PCD and much more are only a click away thanks to Amy Brown and her amazing group of very capable sidekicks. I threw 200+ videos and tutorials from my travels in for good measure, handed over the passwords, and headed off.

StudioMojo, my weekly newsletter, continues every Saturday. It’s where I bring home all the treasures I’ve collected from the stream where my inner child still plays. Join the gang!