Our polymer niche

Arden Bardol is one of the winners just announced in the 2011 Niche Award competition. Arden was omitted from our previous list of finalists. Her Timepiece belt buckle won in the fashion accessories category.

The other winners are Wiwat Kamolpornwijit (fashion jewelry), Doreen Kassel (polymer clay), and Barb Fajardo (polymer clay).

Eight polymer artists were finalists this year and a whopping four of the eight were named winners in their categories. Clap for them and stand up, take a bow for our polymer community. It’s a nice niche you’ve helped establish.

PCD’s mission and Friesen’s hearts

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been crazy for hearts and steampunk lately. Christi Friesen has combined those two themes into one free tutorial on her site. I couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention.

I’ve spent the day watching the snow and fretting about Noblesse Oblige Award that Valerie Aharoni bestowed on me. Rather than be embarrassed and shy (my aw shucks mode), I’ll share with you what this blog is about and give you some tips for getting your work noticed online.

The Award

Over 15 years ago in a seminar, I off-handedly came up with my personal mission statement which is, “Find beauty, share beauty.” Since a mission statement is supposed to consist of seven words, someone suggested that I add, “and accessorize well.”

There you have it. My simple blog intent was composed on a whim before blogs were invented. All sorts of plans were set in motion with that mission statement. Finding and sharing beauty is my bottom line. Read more about the award…

Dustin first at Sunapee; new Balombini in SF

Kathleen Dustin’s “Leek Blossom Pod” has won Best in Show at the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Show (Sunapee Fair, August 2-10). Her “Moss and Pods” neckpiece also won the Best in Mixed Media Jewelry award. Sandra McCaw, Ann Dillon, Marcia Herson, Luann Udell, (and I hope I didn’t miss any others) Barbara Sperling and Susan Samitz are also in this popular show. (Thanks to Ann Dillon and Judy Dunn for the corrections.)

I like the show’s new blog which keeps you up-to-date on the activities.

Laura Balombini sent out a sneak preview of her new work for the ACC San Francisco show August 15-17. This is a mixed media piece 16″x16″x2″ of acrylic paint with polymer sheet (house) on a panel with encaustic wax/collage. There’s show info on her site.