PCD’s mission and Friesen’s hearts

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been crazy for hearts and steampunk lately. Christi Friesen has combined those two themes into one free tutorial on her site. I couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention.

I’ve spent the day watching the snow and fretting about Noblesse Oblige Award that Valerie Aharoni bestowed on me. Rather than be embarrassed and shy (my aw shucks mode), I’ll share with you what this blog is about and give you some tips for getting your work noticed online.

The Award

Over 15 years ago in a seminar, I off-handedly came up with my personal mission statement which is, “Find beauty, share beauty.” Since a mission statement is supposed to consist of seven words, someone suggested that I add, “and accessorize well.”

There you have it. My simple blog intent was composed on a whim before blogs were invented. All sorts of plans were set in motion with that mission statement. Finding and sharing beauty is my bottom line. Read more about the award…

  • reply Diane Roeder ,

    Congratulations! I’ve never used polymer clay (although I intend to play with it one of these days), but I enjoy reading every one of your posts. Thank you for so much inspiration!


    • reply Kylee (Lunes Bijoux) ,

      What a fabulous tuto – thank you so much for sharing it with us all! I can’t wait to have a go! Kylee

      • reply Melly ,

        I’m loving the steampunk pieces you’ve been showing, it is something totally new to me and love everything I’ve seen. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all if you showed more!

        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

          Congrats — I guess! (That award almost sounds like more work than reward, but you certainly DO shine at meeting the requirements! (So congratulations on that much, anyhow!!)

          • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

            How fitting for Valerie to award Cynthia/this blog with such a mindful, thoughtful award. I wish I had a way to articulate the magic that Cynthia creates, but I know it goes way beyond art …

            • reply Susan ,

              I am so very grateful that the seeds of your mission statement, planted 15 years ago, have blossomed into such a vibrant,rich resource for the polymer clay community.

              To think that seven little words are responsible for this world of possibilities…not only for you, but ultimately for all of us.

              Kudos Cynthia and many thanks.

              • reply Sera ,

                Why Miss Cynthia!

                Your blog is *the* premiere polymer clay blog in the world! The Noblesse Oblige Award is the least recognition you deserve 🙂
                You have been responsible for the high end education of a new generation of polymer clay enthusiasts. I couldn’t count how many of us out here in cyberspace can’t go the day without our PCD fix.
                PCD content is without compare – and its structure is always spot on. No broken links, no unanswered emails (despite the six million or so you must get every day! lol), no annoying, irrelevant ads. You should be extremely proud of yourself.

                Accept this award in the knowledge that you truly, TRULY deserve it. Sx

                • reply carissa ,

                  You deserve.
                  Please enjoy it.
                  Hope you get it again!

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