Flowers with a snug fit

Lisa Haney's flower box holds treasure securely on

Another Clayathon find. This small treasure box is from Virginia’s Lisa Haney. Her Skinner blended flowers stand out in colorful relief on the dark blue background and are highlighted with paint.

Lisa Haney's flower box holds treasure securely on

Look inside and you’ll see the flowers repeated there.

Lisa is proud of the way the lid seals tightly on the all-polymer container. No loose lid here!

Lisa’s mostly on Facebook and Pinterest where she gravitates to 3D vessels and floral scenes.

Outdoor polymer

Lessans on

Maryland’s Carol Lessans prefers to receive her mail in style. Her first polymer-covered USPS box lasted four years in rain, sleet and snow.

The time for replacement coincided with Carol’s first class with Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg last June. “My first flower morphed into a summer-long study and resulted in a garden of blooms. But where to plant this garden,” Carol wondered. She used slices of her flowers to cover a new box and in the process, she and Lynne Ann became great friends. 

People often ask how long polymer will survive outdoors. The answer is complicated and sort of beside the point. Maybe a better question is, “How many smiles, questions, photographs, friendships and memories does a polymer mailbox produce?”

Consider adding some polymer blooms outdoors this spring. Have a happy weekend.

And join us on StudioMojo for the rest of the week in polymer.

Polymer contained

Lilaroz on PCDaily

This all-polymer lidded round container is from Isabelle Bordelais (Lilaroz). By combining the hidden magic technique and Victoria James’ natural textures Isabelle developed this bark-like mokume gane pattern that resembles a map.

On her Flickr page you can see how she has moved from building small boxes to larger ones, perfecting kaleidoscope canes along the way.

Where will Isabelle head next? Even larger, perhaps? And where will your work take you this week?

All-American polymer

Don’t you love these cheery polymer rag rug spirals that Utah’s Mary Ann Loveless uses to decorate her tin box? They look very all-American on a very all-American day.

It was a late night in Ohio and PCD may have missed sharing early coffee with you. My husband and I laughed as we enjoyed a car commercial this morning! Look, a pretty car! It was a relief not to have to hit the mute button to avoid a political ad.

Mary Ann’s Art Makes Me Happy blog may make you happy today.