Lilaroz on PCDaily

This all-polymer lidded round containerĀ is from Isabelle Bordelais (Lilaroz). By combining the hidden magic technique and Victoria James’ natural textures Isabelle developed this bark-like mokume gane pattern that resembles a map.

On her Flickr page you can see how she has moved from building small boxes to larger ones, perfecting kaleidoscope canes along the way.

Where will Isabelle head next? Even larger, perhaps? And where will your work take you this week?

  • reply Melanie ,

    Gosh, that mokume is absolutely glorious Isabelle, I wish I had done it ;-)! Thanks for bringing this work to our attention Cynthia, warmest regards to you.

    • reply Francoise ,

      Bravo Isabelle !

      • reply Luann Udell ,

        This piece by Isabelle really caught my eye (and my admiration) for the simple shape and the restrained use of color which really lets the beauty of the texture and pattern shine through. And I JUST DISCOVERED Victoria’s wonderful texture sheets (and bought a ton of them!) A beautiful pairing indeed! Kudos to both of you!

        • reply Sharyn Neuwirth / NewEarth Crafts ,

          Stunning! The figurines and watercolor paintings on her Flickr site are also a delight.

          • reply Victoria James ,

            Fantastic piece! It has it all, color, balance, form. And thank you Isabelle for mentioning the texture sheet.

            • reply Isabelle ,

              thank you every one for yours kind comments

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