Sumptuous Color

Haunani on PCDaily

As you contemplate turning the page into 2017 let’s look ahead to Synergy4 next August. The theme is appropriately, A New Leaf.

I’m helping Lindly Haunani spruce up her website for the new year with exciting concepts that she’ll be teaching at Synergy4.

Haunani on PCDaily

Lindly’s Sumptuous Sagacious Color class will teach you five useful strategies that you can use to enhance harmony. You’ll learn how to create blends and patterns scaled for smaller pieces with dramatic effect.

These sophisticated blends relate gently with each other. See more on her site and sign up early to learn the newest twists and turns of color in polymer. Keep up with Lindly on Facebook.

Raise a glass to turning over a new leaf this weekend! Happy New Year!

Polymer in delicate balance

Hughes on PCDaily

The delicate balance of this 16″ polymer mobile entitled Nara from Santa Fe’s Tory Hughes makes its mid-air dance look easy.

But the suspension of the varying colorful shapes and the distribution of their weight is tricky and precise. It’s part of Tory’s newest series and she finds the challenge exciting. “We all love to look up, enchanted by the light and air above us,” she says.

The mobile comes in several colors and you can see more examples and designs on Facebook and her website.

Tinapple on PCDaily

Cutting up

If you’re interested in what may be a next big thing in polymer clay art, join me on Craftcast this Saturday and we’ll explore the possibilities of cutting raw clay precisely with a Silhouette cutting machine.

The online class begins at noon on Saturday and will be available for download.

Polymer art genesis

Christine Dumont sent in a link to the remarkable work of her students in the Genesis course. The works above and many others are showcased on the Voila site and are the result of this spring’s four-month online creativity course. The virtual exhibit demonstrates how students got in touch with their creative ideas and learned how to turn those ideas into an original body of work.

You can see that Christine brought out the best in each artist as they grew their studio practice and expanded their vision. Subscribe at the top of the right hand column on the Voila site so that you can be notified when the next class begins.

Follow along on Christine’s Facebook page to see more work-in-process photos and comments on the class. These works are by students Sabine Spiesser, Claire Maunsell, Lee O’Connor and Katarina Mravcova.

GPS in polymer

Looking for direction? Western Australia’s Debbie Crothers shows you which way to go with her new Affirmations Totems class on CraftArtEdu. She talks about these meaningful pieces and the techniques she uses in this brief free intro.

Debbie started making totems when she was looking for help with the letting go process as her children grew up and moved on. She guides students through identifying their own issues and affirmations. Then she shows how to create a personalized and symbolic polymer piece that inspires and encourages.

Debbie has come up with cool chalk, pastel and polymer processes as she’s taught and traveled the outback. Visit her on Facebook, her blog and check out all her classes as you head into the week.

Back to school polymer

Perry on PCDaily

New Hampshire’s Sheila Perry posted some pictures of the Encrusted work of guild members in Jana Roberts Benzon’s weekend class including Sheila’s own work here.


The undulating collaged cuffs appear positively impossible to create in polymer but Jana shares her secrets thoroughly. Just look at the students’ painterly geometric jumbles.

Convenient master class

If you’re itching for tips from a master, join Sarah Shriver tonight on Craftcast for some of her caning tricks (Wednesday, October 1 at 8:00. Sarah’s a delightful teacher and this is her first live online offering. It’s a deal!

Cozzi virtually yours

Cozzi on PCDaily

If the pictures from EuroSynergy classes on Facebook leave you feeling envious, Alison Lee has a remedy. She’s featuring a brand new online class with Louise Fischer Cozzi on May 7.

Louise will teach her award-winning translucent polymer disk necklace and take you through all the steps from creating the disks to finishing and assembling. She creates her surface textures and patterns using a variety of techniques including etching, painting and tear-off techniques.

Alison filmed the class in Louise’s studio and you’ll feel like you’re right there. You’ll be able to review the steps later by watching the video that comes with the class. That’s a bonus that conference classes can’t offer. And you can purchase her work in her Etsy gallery.

Trailblazing polymer

Levesque_on PCDaily

You are invited to follow along on the class blog as students at Carthage College begin their adventure in learning polymer. Read the syllabus, check the links and examine the work produced in this first college level studio course that focuses on color theory, textures, patterns and compositional strategies using polymer and mixed media.

This Lichened sculpture was created by Professor Diane Levesque. Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio is the required text for this course. Lindly and Maggie have been extremely instrumental in helping me to launch this course,” she says.

During the semester students will submit their work on the course blog. The class marks new territory for our community and you can witness the path they’re blazing.

Polymer paper bead smash

Doroshow on PCDaily

It’s the last day of class with Dayle Doroshow and you know how everyone gets frantic to finish. I’m no exception so I’ll just offer you these pictures of Dayle’s signature polymer flowers while we students complete our artworks.

Doroshow on PCDaily

Dayle’s polymer “paper beads” have always been a PCD favorite (see picture right). Long thin triangles of polymer scraps are twirled onto a needle tool paper-bead style.

Dayle leaves the bead on the tool and flattens the bead by stamping it with a rubber stamp. This preserves the hole. Voila! Beautiful bead from scrap! Here she is in the archives. I’ll be back at my computer next week.

Sample polymer

Fresh spring colors pull your eye to the brooches and rings from Madrid’s Fabiola Perez Ajates. These new samples from her May class hum with patterns and layers of interest.

The pièce de résistance is the companion container that hides your jewels. Fabi’s known for her clever containers. Thumb through her Flickr pictures to get a sense of what she does. And note how well her students do!

Can’t get to Madrid? I’m pleased to have a chapter and a project from the fabulous Fabi in my upcoming book that’s available for pre-order on Amazon/Barnes & Noble/Indiebound. It’ll be here by July 30!

Winter wonders

Yesterday’s post about translucent caused concern about where to purchase Pardo translucent polymer. When Ponsawan mentioned that she gets hers from Creative Journey Studios in Georgia, I called to make sure they have a supply. They do and you can call 404-314-5767 for details.

That call led me to this dazzling picture of Daniel Torres’ hollow polymer pendants. He and Natalia Garcia de Leaniz will be teaching a class on March 10 and 11 (right before Synergy) at Creative Journey Studios. There are a few spots left. Plus a bus trip from Synergy and other festivities are scheduled.

In the mood for a class to beat the winter doldrums? Be sure to check out this year’s Cabin Fever, beginning February 15 in Laurel, Maryland. I’ll be there teaching along with a great cast of characters.


Be sure to tune in to the free Craftcast webinar on Wednesday, January 30. The gang from the Polymer Clay Master Class book will be there with lots of tips and giveaways. It’s a party, it’s free and you’re sure to pick up a trick or two.