Looking for direction? Western Australia’s Debbie Crothers shows you which way to go with her new Affirmations Totems class on CraftArtEdu. She talks about these meaningful pieces and the techniques she uses in this brief free intro.

Debbie started making totems when she was looking for help with the letting go process as her children grew up and moved on. She guides students through identifying their own issues and affirmations. Then she shows how to create a personalized and symbolic polymer piece that inspires and encourages.

Debbie has come up with cool chalk, pastel and polymer processes as she’s taught and traveled the outback. Visit her on Facebook, her blog and check out all her classes as you head into the week.

  • reply Wendy Moore ,

    I especially love this piece of Deb’s because of how beautifully it expresses so much of the way she seems to embrace life and others!

    • reply PiperPixie ,

      Like a cute lil totem! Fun!

      • reply Jay Williams ,

        This tutorial, like all of her others, is very enjoyable. Her tutorials are easy to understand with lots of pictures. It’s like she is talking directly to “you”. She does beautiful work and shows you that you can do it too. I don’t know how she keeps coming up with these great ideas, but I just hope she doesn’t stop. Her tutorials are very affordable and well worth the money. She’s a very delightful lady also and is happy answer any questions you might have about the tutorials. What a deal!

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