Bohmer’s polymer rainbow

Take sunny colors and extruded polymer clay strings, stir in a dash of unexpected construction and you’ve got Margit Bohmer’s Big Rainbow necklace and a fun Friday.

Margit is part of the German guild and she’s been on a bit of a roll lately, trying everything from tranfers to faux with great results that’s she shares on her Flickr page.

We’re boating and beaching this weekend. Hope yours is sunny too.

Abrams polymer colors harmonize

Lauren Abrams likes the instant gratification and color possibilities of polymer clay to relieve the sameness of producing her great resin purse handles.

She draws on years of graphics and design experience to produce brooches, pendants and earrings in her own distinctive voice and her new blog is devoted to her polymer work.

I’ve been looking at this brooch for a week. You may be wise to my ways. Pieces that harmonize with the PCDaily color scheme jump right out at me. Much as I try to resist and be fair to the entire color wheel, sometimes I relent.

My computer/research brain is not in gear so my eyes win out today. They’re smitten with her color schemes here and here. See past posts here.

Askin’s color philosophy

Gloria Askin’s polymer clay creations are colorful, free-wheeling and fun-loving. The necklace to the left is entitled, “Color Me Happy.” She’s added some new pieces to her web site.

In her artist statement she says, “Much of my inspiration comes from my extensive travels throughout the world. My love of color is best expressed in the Yoruba belief that the more colors you wear (or, I believe, use in art), the more positive energy you are putting into the universe.” Makes me want to learn more.