Not black and white

Haon on PCDaily

This Nordic Knit polymer perfume case from Francoise Haon (Arliane) is black and white, of course.

What’s not clear is if the pattern is the result of mighty impressive canework or some other technique.

Patterns as precise as this make canemakers envious. Could she have extruded the tiny components? We’ll have to wait to see if Francoise gives us a clue. Take a look at the rest of Francoise’s Nordic line on her blog, her online shop and Facebook. What’s your guess?

Polymer revealed


Margit Bohmer’s Carved Beads may prompt you to rummage through your nail tools for your old cuticle trimmer. These bright colors are revealed by shallow slices carved off the extruded strings which have been wound around base beads.

Margit’s fond of rainbow colors which look even more dramatic when exposed against the black exterior of the strings. She sometimes goes a step further, smoothing and sanding the carving to achieve a more shibori-like look.  See how she manipulates color by slicing and sanding on Facebook and Flickr.

Mix and match polymer

Bushari on PCDaily

Cute, cute, cute. The pattern mix-and-match on Hila Bushari’s recent beads makes me want to pull out all the small remnants of my canes and make some big round beads.

Look at the ginghams and polka dots, stripes and little flowers! She combines the patterns and colors together in a trendy, carefree way that makes it look easy.

The translation of her post indicates that Hila leaned on her Israeli cane-whiz friends Marcia Tzigelnik and Ronit Golan to supplement her supply of canes.

Great idea! Recruit friends to bring their canes and have a bead making gathering. You make beads and do a little studio spring cleaning at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Win-winning reminder

While you’re playing (and win-winning), remember to extrude a few patterns and send snapshots of your creations my way. I’m collecting entries for a Spring Push competition and prizes. Attach your photo to an email and send it in. The deadline is April 16 with winners announced April 18.

Three winners will be featured on PCDaily and pictured in our next ad in The Polymer Arts magazine. Strut your stuff! Email your entry.