Ornamental/elemental polymer

Blackburn on PCdaily

Yes, this cut and folded ornament was made in polymer by London’s Carol Blackburn. Based on a clever paper or felt geometric pattern, Carol proves that the same design can be done in polymer. Her gold and silver metallic blends pump up the drama.

See how she assembles even more pieces into larger wall art in this picture on Facebook.

Gay-Kassel on PCdaily

Ornamental/elemental classes

If Carol’s precision is too much of a challenge, ease into new ideas with one of this week’s Craftcast classes. How would one of Doreen Gay-Kassel’s jiggly jointed characters look dangling from your tree? Join Doreen’s class tonight (Nov 30) at 8:00 ET.

You say you’d rather use your brain for jewelry? Jump into Lorrene Baum-Davis’ class on Saturday, Dec 3 at 12 noon ET. Using Skinner blends, brain canes and other tricks, you’ll learn tricks to create consistent sizes and add rich new looks to your work.

Polymer future unfolds

Hyde on PCDaily

Look for more folds this year. Here you see Susan Hyde wrap her fabric-like sheet around curled snakes to create a brooch that you can find on Facebook.

Her fabric tutorial is still my all-time favorite.

Then Dan Cormier combines three techniques he’s researched into one in this Blurred Lines brooch.

Cormier on PCDaily

A veneer of blurred colors runs over a light folded background until it hits a dieformed dark area.

This brooch is featured on the cover of Dan and Tracy’s newest e-book, Blurred Lines: Blended Patterns in Polymer Clay, that the duo will offer online soon. Read the whole story here. Are folds in your future?