Whirlwind polymer


There’s a whirlwind of activity at Creative Journey Studios in Georgia. Facebook sometimes scrambles the chronology of posts and this swirl of a piece from Lynda Gilcher was ready to post when I looked at the date and saw it was created in Loretta Lam’s September class at CJS. Oh well!

Lynda’s piece had already set my mind spinning with ideas. See more of Lynda’s work on Facebook. She has her own studio and store in Ohio.

Creative Journey’s gallery is considered mecca for polymer artists and contains some of the finest examples of work and the best tools you’ll see anywhere. Anke Humpert is teaching there in February followed by Bettina Welker. Studio owners Sue Sutherland and Ellen Prophater continue to line up an impressive list of teachers including me in October!  Have a great weekend!

Travelog polymer

Creative Journey Studios on PCDaily

Nowhere else can you immerse yourself in such a collection of polymer art as you will find at Creative Journey Studios in Buford, Georgia.You’d have to go to dozens of artfairs and shops to encounter the variety of polymer artists found here. They have glorious classroom space and the most esoteric tools and trinkets you could want.

Located a 45-minute drive outside of Atlanta, this 3,000 sq. ft. gallery shows a stunning array of historic works and a mouthwatering selection of contemporary work.

Owners Sue Sutherland and Ellen Prophater briefly opened the gallery for us on Sunday and I share our sneak peek here. Put Creative Journey Studios on your bucket list. Tomorrow I’ll show you a new artist who caught my eye there.

Bettina Welker has uploaded a great photo diary that you’ll want to visit if you’re in the mood for more Synergy3 travelogs.

Synergy exhibitors’ gallery


Take a sneak peek and be the first to shop at the IPCA Synergy2 exclusive online gallery! Exhibit chairman Marcia Laska has been gathering polymer clay work for the February conference. The exhibit celebrates the joys of collaborating, mixing media, experimenting and astonishing. She predicts that nearly 60 pieces will be included when all the artwork is in.

Choosing one piece to feature out of the 38 here was too tough. Instead I constructed a page of thumbnails that will lead you to the whooooole batch of fabulous delights. Click on the images for the details on each. Check the gallery page often, I’ll add more as the art arrives.

Even if you can’t attend Synergy2 you have the opportunity to own a spectacular piece. Anyone is welcome to purchase these works. Marcia explains how on the IPCA site.

Can’t afford your favorite? Enjoy owning a fine print of each of them by buying the catalogue that will be available for $25 (no shipping) in Baltimore. The catalogue will also be available online (with shipping).

Enjoy this visual treat that I hope will tempt you to add Synergy2 to your 2010 calendar.