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Nowhere else can you immerse yourself in such a collection of polymer art as you will find at Creative Journey Studios in Buford, Georgia.You’d have to go to dozens of artfairs and shops to encounter the variety of polymer artists found here. They have glorious classroom space and the most esoteric tools and trinkets you could want.

Located a 45-minute drive outside of Atlanta, this 3,000 sq. ft. gallery shows a stunning array of historic works and a mouthwatering selection of contemporary work.

Owners Sue Sutherland and Ellen Prophater briefly opened the gallery for us on Sunday and I share our sneak peek here. Put Creative Journey Studios on your bucket list. Tomorrow I’ll show you a new artist who caught my eye there.

Bettina Welker has uploaded a great photo diary that you’ll want to visit if you’re in the mood for more Synergy3 travelogs.

  • reply Dorothy Siemens ,

    Well, that certainly takes the breath away! What a wonderful gallery space and what mouth-watering displays!

    • reply Marianne Hopkins ,

      Stunning and inspiring. Definitely a ‘bucket list’ destination.

      • reply jackie ,

        Wonderful pictures of an amazing place. Where’s my jet pack so I can drop in for a visit! Thanks for sharing.

        • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

          Thanks to all of you who blogged, took photos and otherwise took care of us who could only attend vicariously for one reason or another.

          • reply Carol Blackburn ,

            I was lucky to be there and todays post is a lovely reminder of a great time. Thanks Cynthia, Bettina, Sue and Ellen.
            Carol xxx

            • reply Ron Lehocky ,

              Carol, I really enjoyed meeting your “twin” sister at the banquet: a wild and crazy gal! It was also great to meet all the European masters in person. The event was a wonderful synergy of our community. Thanks also for all the Samunnat support. These Nepali women now have a home. As Wendy Moore says, polymer seems to attract the nicest, most sharing group of people.

              • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                Yes, Ron, she had a good time! I’m glad I had an early night because according to the photos going around that party was wild! Between you and me she needs to grow up and act her age!
                Till we meet again
                Love Carol xxx

            • reply Marty ,

              Love the pictures! And what wonderful news about the Samunnat Project.

              • reply Sandra D. ,

                Thank Cynthia. I learn a lot with Creative Journey Studio.

                • reply DawnGaye ,

                  I was thrilled and fortunate enough to be there right before Synergy for Natalia and Dani’s wonderful classes! What fun in a breathtaking creativity-inspiring atmosphere!!
                  Sue and Ellen are perfect hosts & know exactly what we polymer people need in a shop.

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