Trendy stud with dangle

Scrutinize the design of this Konooz9 stud with dangle earring on

Full disclosure – sometimes I choose a design to feature just because I want to remember it for my own work. That’s how I came to pick out this earring from Konooz9 on Instagram. I know very little about this artist who seems to be UK-based. I’m hoping someone can help me out.

What I do know is that this hinged earring is fashionable and cleverly assembled. The construction makes it both a stud and a drop earring.

The polymer pattern is a stamped texture highlighted with gold. I’m assuming there’s a wire that lets the bottom circle swing from the top square. You can hear echoes of tribal and ancient rendered in a totally contemporary design.

Here’s the artist on Facebook.

Switching identities

Tory Hughes made this new necklace specifically to wear at last week’s RAM gala. It’s part of her new SeaCliff series¬†using various techniques with the major elements pin-hinged together. Sea Cliff is a reference to an area of San Francisco that Tory sees as full of light, color and energy.

The necklace was on Tory one minute and then on Penina Meisels the next. (Tory decided it looked better on Penina.) Maggie Maggio’s necklace migrated to Cynthia Toops’ neck. It was as if the artists were switching nametags. The game to keep up with who was wearing whom made me realize how good it is to develop your own signature work.