Trendy stud with dangle

Scrutinize the design of this Konooz9 stud with dangle earring on

Full disclosure – sometimes I choose a design to feature just because I want to remember it for my own work. That’s how I came to pick out this earring from Konooz9 on Instagram. I know very little about this artist who seems to be UK-based. I’m hoping someone can help me out.

What I do know is that this hinged earring is fashionable and cleverly assembled. The construction makes it both a stud and a drop earring.

The polymer pattern is a stamped texture highlighted with gold. I’m assuming there’s a wire that lets the bottom circle swing from the top square. You can hear echoes of tribal and ancient rendered in a totally contemporary design.

Here’s the artist on Facebook.

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    That hinged effect is very reminiscent of the type taught by Tory Hughes back in the day. Boy I miss her!.

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