Holiday countdown

Christine Damm helps the Create Mixed Media blog countdown to the holidays with this week’s dates in polymer that she’s stamped, molded, textured and painted. Great info on that blog!

A postage stamp triggers the theme of Tory Hughes’ Greetings Brooch. She constructs a tiny village around the stamp complete with skating pond and a VW bug stuck in a snow bank. She’s running a 20.12 discount special on her works through the end of the year. Check out her new SeaCliff series of brooches while you’re there.

In case you need a little more holiday-themed polymer to get your Monday buzz going, check out this easy “How to turn a heel tutorial from Joan Tayler.

Traditional polymer

South Carolina’s Lynda Moseley ushers in the season with some lovely vintage holiday transfers on polymer. Her collection’s theme is loosely based on historical traditions from around the world.

Lynda admits that her designs are sentimental. “When I was a teenager, my grandmother gave me a crosstitch pattern book which had different Christmas traditions in it and I recreated them all and put them on our tree. My mother still puts them on her tree and has every year for the last 35 years,” she says.

Here’s a sneak peek at her holiday collection. Do you have traditions that tug at your heartstrings and affect your designs?

Hunt’s stacking polymer trees

Australia’s Amanda Hunt has created cheery polymer clay ornaments/pendants made of graduated disks that will make a perfect pro

ject for the young artists in my neighborhood who stop by to make something for the holidays.

Creating simple yet sophisticated designs is quite a trick and Amanda’s done it well. The way she translates her doodles and drawings into polymer clay pieces is intriguing as well. Take a look here and here.

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