Christine Damm helps the Create Mixed Media blog countdown to the holidays with this week’s dates in polymer that she’s stamped, molded, textured and painted. Great info on that blog!

A postage stamp triggers the theme of Tory Hughes’ Greetings Brooch. She constructs a tiny village around the stamp complete with skating pond and a VW bug stuck in a snow bank. She’s running a 20.12 discount special on her works through the end of the year. Check out her new SeaCliff series of brooches while you’re there.

In case you need a little more holiday-themed polymer to get your Monday buzz going, check out this easy “How to turn a heel tutorial from Joan Tayler.

  • reply Alita Porter ,

    Lovely work indeed. I especially like the Seacliff brooches. Fantastic workmanship.

    I am curious though – are there any copyright issues with using stamps in a piece of artwork? I have wondered about using them in mixed media paintings but was put off in case there were any rules and regs that I might be breaking.

    • reply Tory Hughes ,

      Thanks for the good words on my SeaCliff series, Alita.
      Re the restrictions on using stamps: what I was told years ago, when I first started selling these in the early 1980’s, was that since I was clearing not intending to use them as postage, or copy them and sell them as postage, any alteration and incorporation into art was fine. In fact, at one of the Washington Craft Shows I did, a highly placed Post Office official spent much time and money in my booth, fascinated by them.

      • reply Alita Porter ,

        Thanks for that Tory, I shall not be so afraid of using some stamps in my multi-media stuff!

    • reply Christine Damm ,

      Thanks for featuring my numerals, Cynthia and especially to share the space with Tory Hughes! I am honored!

      • reply Melinda Hayes ,

        Wow! Love the numerals and the brooches. Great work by 2 great artists.

        • reply jan Montarsi ,

          It took me a minute to see the actual stamp .
          very clever and beautiful idea !!!!

          • reply Tory Hughes ,

            Thanks, Cynthia for showing one of my postage stamp brooches! For those of you interested in the $20.12 discount Cynthia mentions, please sign up for my newsletter You’ll get the discount code there. Great deals!
            Cynthia, your support makes a win-win-win for all of the polymer community. Best wishes to you!

            • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

              I’m crazy about Tory’s “Greetings Brooch,” but then, I’m crazy about Tory’s work in general.

              This is a great post; three treats in one.

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