Not black and white

Haon on PCDaily

This Nordic Knit polymer perfume case from Francoise Haon (Arliane) is black and white, of course.

What’s not clear is if the pattern is the result of mighty impressive canework or some other technique.

Patterns as precise as this make canemakers envious. Could she have extruded the tiny components? We’ll have to wait to see if Francoise gives us a clue. Take a look at the rest of Francoise’s Nordic line on her blog, her online shop and Facebook. What’s your guess?

Moscow summer

Lauhina bangles
Lauhina cushions

Need a taste of summer? This is Moscow summer from Juliya Lauhina. Not only are the colors like sorbet and salads, her techniques contain twists and turns that will leave you scratching your head. How did she do that?

Plus you get to see Juliya at her booth in the market.

Birthday presence

Birthdays have a way of reminding you to get busy and for Scotland’s Melanie Muir and West Virginia’s Judy Belcher, recent big days pushed them into action.

This hollow-bead Skye-line necklace was inspired by Melanie Muir’s birthday trip to the Isle of Skye and the dramatic mountainous landscapes there. Invited to submit work to several prestigious US shows this year, Melanie says she’s been “squeezing my brains” to develop new work. You can see the results on her Facebook page.

Judy Belcher’s birthday prompted her to launch her new and improved website today! (It was polished by my dear daughter.) Judy’s energy and savvy shine through on every page.

She’s also developed a new MicroKnitting class for CraftEdu that debuts on Wednesday. Be sure to get in on her clever twist on the polymer knitting craze.

While both Melanie and Judy welcome your birthday wishes, sometimes it’s the gifts we give ourselves that are truly important.

Pieced polymer

Israel’s Angela Bahrenholtz likes to work in small bright pieces. Sometimes she uses little sections to build polymer quilts, recently she moved to even smaller micromosaics as in this Autumn pendant.

Her 12″ square all-polymer quilt took second place in the Israeli Polymer Clay Guild’s contest this summer.

Even Angela’s faux tweed cane is made up of little pieces of other polymer scrap. I tried her tweed tutorial and loved the pixelated results.

Knit, crochet, quilt and more – if there’s a fabric technique that can be simulated in polymer, you’ll find it in Angela’s Flickr pages.