Birthdays have a way of reminding you to get busy and for Scotland’s Melanie Muir and West Virginia’s Judy Belcher, recent big days pushed them into action.

This hollow-bead Skye-line necklace was inspired by Melanie Muir’s birthday trip to the Isle of Skye and the dramatic mountainous landscapes there. Invited to submit work to several prestigious US shows this year, Melanie says she’s been “squeezing my brains” to develop new work. You can see the results on her Facebook page.

Judy Belcher’s birthday prompted her to launch her new and improved website today! (It was polished by my dear daughter.) Judy’s energy and savvy shine through on every page.

She’s also developed a new MicroKnitting class for CraftEdu that debuts on Wednesday. Be sure to get in on her clever twist on the polymer knitting craze.

While both Melanie and Judy welcome your birthday wishes, sometimes it’s the gifts we give ourselves that are truly important.

  • reply Melanie Muir ,

    Cynthia, thank you SO much, what a lovely surprise to open PCD and see my necklace there! Can I also say how fabulous Judy’s website looks – so beautifully integrated, and her work and teaching are an inspiration. I turned 50 last October and Judy is 50 today. I hope we are both living examples of my favourite maxim, “It is never too late to become who you might have been”. Life is short and should be filled with joy, passion and doing the things you love – get to it polymeristas! xx

    • reply Melanie J Pierce ,

      Love your attitude Melanie and your work! Being 54 that means there is still hope for me! I do love my time in my Studio…Happy Belated 50th and a very Happy one to Judy! Judy I’ve been lost *(and that’s a good thing) in your new website for the past hour! Blessings 🙂

    • reply Julie Picarello ,

      Birthday divas delight! Lovely work from Melanie…I have no doubt she will shine in her shows. The fresh, crisp look of Judy’s website is fabulous, and I am entranced by her new offering on CraftArtEdu. How cool are those micro knit beads?!

      • reply Terri Wlaschin ,

        OMG! Those Isle of Skye beads are as pretty as the Isle itself, which is my favorite in Scotland. Kudos to both artists for their creativity.

        • reply Anita Brandon ,

          Let’s hear it for Birthdays and the glorious new work it inspired in both Melanie and Judy. Belated Birthday wishes.

          • reply Selma ,

            EXCELLENT WORK!!! I’m glad this site exists because we can see these beautiful works! Thank you and thank Cynthia! 😀

            • reply suzanne ,

              happy birthday to both of you wonderful artists!

              • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

                Melanie’s work has long been an attraction for me-her sense of color and form have just always struck me as perfect ( being a sucker for the mesmerizing patterns of batik certainly helps !). Happy birthday to a pair of extremely talented artists!

                And Judy, just fifty today? Oh my, your talent belies your years ( I hope I said that right:)) I hope both you younglings have got your red hats ready.

                • reply Sandra ,

                  Judy Belcher’s work is fantastic.All her work is beautiful.

                  • reply Judy Belcher ,

                    Thanks Cynthia! Your daughter, Hillary, is just a brilliant wizard. I love the new site and couldn’t have imagined how nice it would look. Feels good to have it ticked off my list. What a treat to be with Melanie – I love her work and wish I could be with her at the upcoming Polymer Pamper.

                    • reply Cheryl Harris ,

                      I have to admit that a lot of what is posted here leaves me scratching my head, but Melanie Muir’s work is lovely. Beautiful colors and use of mokume gane and/or extruded techniques.

                      • reply Cheryl Harris ,

                        I should say *some* of what is posted here. Most of it is wonderful. Happy birthday Judy and Melanie!

                      • reply isa07 ,

                        C’est tout simplement sublime !

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