French connections

In case you missed this link from yesterday’s globe-spanning comments, you’ll want to look at the glowing colors and distinctive wirework of France’s Celine (aka gRIS bLEu). She credits Melanie West for the inspiration for some of her organic, oceanic pieces.

Celine also experiments with simulating the heavily patterned lampworked beads of German artist, Melanie Moertel in polymer clay. (Moertel’s beads are reminiscent of Kathleen Dustin’s in some ways.) While both experiments are derivative, Celine’s own sensibilities make the work unmistakably hers.

If you’re like me, you’ll follow these links all over Europe thanks to yesterday’s comment from Eva.

New Nom: Susan Lomuto’s work, now under the more appropriate heading of, is unmistakable too. Susan’s wide ranging tastes and impeccable tastes will keep your muse in fine fettle.