Solly’s faux lampwork

The use of colored liquid polymer clay is growing in popularity. North Carolina’s Sharon Solly’s faux lampwork beads shown here and yesterday’s multi-layered pendants by Lesya Binkin are tempting me to give it a try.

Sharon’s been perfecting her liquid clay techniques and shares some of her secrets (fantasy cabochons) in the June issue of Polymer Cafe magazine. Her faux lampwork is a promising new twist.


  • reply Melanie West ,

    Sharon’s and Lesya’s work are quite intriguing. I especially like the faux lampwork beads… I’ve taken classes in lampwork, and I can tell you it’s REALLY tough on the hands. I was ready to buy stock in BandAids after all the burns I got. And now that Donna Kato has put out her multi colored liquid clay, I can imagine it really would open up some new ideas.

    Brava to the brave Sharon and Lesya (I hope I got her name right)!


    • reply Denise ,

      Thanks for highlighting Sharon’s work! I recently “met” her through the world of Flickr and just love viewing all of her clay creations.

      • reply Karina ,

        WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW Fantastic, Amazing Work..

        The Beads Effect are Great ^_^

        • reply katy ,

          These beads are so great! They really have that lovely glassy effect and nice photography to highlight the shine! Very creative works, inspiring to see!
          Nice job, would love to see tutorials available to purchase for those of us in other parts of the country and world.

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