Wires crossed with polymer

Alita Porter's wire wrapped polymer

The UK’s Alita Porter (DoricDragons) helps us continue a theme with a few of her new works. Like yesterday’s Elvira Lopez del Prado, Alita helps me see new possibilities in wire wrapping.

Porter's lumina leaves

Alita’s also been experimenting with air-drying Lumina clay which is particularly good for creating delicate flower petals.

Thai flower arts

Tarapat van Gulik, from Thailand, and her husband Hans have just launched their website, ThaiflowerArt.com and I thought a burst of spring color could be rejuvenating – like the seed catalogs that arrive at this time of year.

The Guliks’ site showcases Tarapat’s realistic works which are produced in the Netherlands where the couple now live.

Most flower artists use Luna clay from Japan, an air-drying version similar to Lumina clay. The Guliks’ sell their own clay and their site contains pages and pages of techniques, tools and tutorials that apply to polymer clay as well.

While I have not often featured clay flowers, there’s a growing audience for this craft and you can see more at several additional sites like Suphattra and LilyCharter. Earlier I touched on Ravivan Petchprepa’s work as well. Have a warm weekend.