Bottled up feelings

Carole Monahan intends to bottle her feelings on

Connecticut’s Carole Monahan (CuriousClayCreations on Instagram) made little emoji for her guild’s upcoming open studio.

Aren’t they totally cute? Little balls of yellow textured with the appropriate face and accentuated with paint.

Carole says the whole series will be displayed in a bottle she’s labeled FEELINGS. Who wouldn’t like these as magnets, pins, or earrings?

Right on target

Way on PCDaily

Alaska’s Katie Way readies these polymer magnets for her first spring show.

Katie uses a “cut out and replace” process then adds texture and color. You can get a better sense of her methods by looking at her latest studio shot.

Katie stacked thin silver and polymer disks onto earwires to beef up her jewelry inventory.

Way on PCDaily

You can peek at the rest of her offerings on Flickr, Facebook, and Etsy.

Katie stays true to her Bullseye name and continues to find ways to expand and use her bright circles.

Evolving talking heads

Katz on PCDaily

A class with Ronna Weltman pushed Seattle’s Sue Ellen Katz to begin making polymer Talking Heads five years ago as a daily creative meditation. (Here’s a PCD post about the beginning of her work.)

The talking heads have evolved into elegant magnetic brooches embroidered with glass beads and semi-precious stones. Sue Ellen has created hundreds of polymer faces in three collections: Ancient Entities, Goddesses and Chinese Zodiac.

Alese, The Light Bearer, is an Ancient Entity painted with alcohol inks and surrounded with seed beads, vintage beads and crystals. She is a 2″ x 4″ magnetic brooch.

Katz on PCDaily

When not worn, Sue Ellen’s pieces are richly framed in shadow boxes that she designed. The deep, fabric-lined frames have metal backs that hold the brooches and create a dramatic presentation grouped on a wall.

The effect of these collections (photographed by Douglas S Yaple) is captured on Sue Ellen’s new site (click the Display it/Wear it headings to see the frames). See more on her blog, Facebook and Pinterest.

Polymer with magnets

Niche Award winner Melanie West enjoys the challenge of a new design and she’s engineered some clever solutions with her new polymer Ball and Star necklace shown here. A magnet secures the ball next to the star and acts as a clasp on this piece which is strung on buna cord (and check out what looks like buna rings over the cording).

She tried a similar solution using memory wire and found it too bouncy in her test drives. Melanie shares more of her design process along with some of her successes and failures in this post.