Katz gets her head on straight

To mark the end of her fifth decade and the beginning of her sixth, Washington’s Sue Ellen Katz resolved to create a polymer head each day for a year. She’s completed 197 and ends her year in October.

Explaining the exercise she says that, “Each new head will help my own to sit more squarely on top of my shoulders.”

On her 365TalkingHeads blog Sue Ellen adds pensive quotes and captions to each head and she gangs them for a “say cheese” group photo at the end of each month. Repeating an exercise 365 times is bound to bring changes. Don’t you wonder what she’s learned? (Thanks to Ronna Sarvas Weltman for the link.)

Second Haab book giveaway

You readers are anxious to help me lighten the load on my bookshelves. Our randomly picked winner is Connie Nall from Omaha, Nebraska. Congratulations!

Incidentally, I have a second copy of the same book with DVD. I was going to hang onto that one but decided you’d enjoy it more. Take the PCDaily reader survey and enter your email at the end. You’ll automatically be entered in next Friday’s giveaway!

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    • reply Jeannie ,

      Congratulations Connie. Enjoy the book.

      The talking heads are intriquing to me. I wonder what she does with all of them.

      • reply Gaina ,

        I completed the survey and a suggestion has just come to me.

        I would really appreciate it if you could say weather a certain tool or material you feature in your blog is available for UK readers. I recently had a devil of a job finding 1″ glass tiles to make pendants because I live in the UK and we don’t seem to get the range of craft tools you can get in America at the moment.

        • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

          I’ve seen Sue Ellen’s “heads” in person and there’s something strangely powerful about them. This may sound silly, but it feels like they’re alive. Not in a creepy way, but certainly in a way that makes you feel like there’s so much more to this world and our creativity than we understand.

          • reply Trina Williams ,

            LOL. my husband is finishing off the taxes and always comes to me to untangle my convoluted business bookeeping. So there I had it–exactly (kind of) how much I spend on PC stuff!

            • reply Gillian ,

              When I tried to complete your survey, it told me questions 1-12 were all “errors”. No answer I gave would be accepted…

              • reply Sue Ellen Katz ,

                I got hooked on polymer after taking one of Ronna Sarvas Weltman’s workshops last year. She started out by saying the person who creates the ugliest piece in the class by the end of the day would win the prize. I don’t know if my piece was the most unappealing but it was definitely the words I needed to hear to fire my inner critic and let the kid in me have some fun! On a whim, I made a primitive like face – put a hole in it – did some wire wrapping and was hooked! In order to fine tune my skill and do a self-study in the creative process I decided to create one head a day along with some written piece to make a conscious introduction to my 60th year which begins on October 6th. I’m on #280 and feel strongly that the daily meditation in polymer AND writing has opened an interesting creative access to both. I’ve learned that the more I practice, the less my critic’s voice gets in the way and like Ronna suggested, sometimes I see just how “ugly” I can get!

                • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

                  Wonderful heads and great quotes!
                  Thank you for sharing…

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                    […] A class with Ronna Weltman pushed Seattle’s Sue Ellen Katz to begin making polymer┬áTalking Heads five years ago as a daily creative meditation. (Here’s a PCD post about the beginning of her work.) […]

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