Working outdoors

These visitors are welcome in Gael Keyes' garage studio on

New Mexico’s Gael Keyes works with the garage door open. It’s no wonder that she is visited by bugs.

She gently returns her inspirations back outside as she makes her own fantastical versions from leftover patterns and bits of shimmer. They’re delightful and harmless.


Braided metallics

Jana Honnerova's bracelets shine with metallic bits on PolymerClayDaily

Prague’s Jana Honnerova brings a smooth and seductive metallic sheen to her polymer clay coiled and braided bracelets. Bits of gold float on top of spring colors that blend seamlessly into each other.

Jana Honnerova's bracelets shine with metallic bits on PolymerClayDaily

Admire them on Instagram and take an even closer look in her Etsy shop.

Properly cuffed

Baker's cuffs on

Don’t you love the slightly concave curve of these cuffs from Boston’s Betsy Baker? Her silvery polymer veneers are enhanced by the brass forms.

This pile of prototypes is part of a new wholesale line Betsy is building. She offers this early peek on Instagram.

Go to her site to see how she elegantly transforms vintage components and gives them a fresh flair by combining them with polymer.

Turkish polymer for fall

This polymer necklace from Istanbul’s Nihal Erpeden reminds us to enjoy the last bit of the fall season this weekend. The Turkish to English translation is pretty rough but the visuals tell you what you need to know.

Look closely to see how she integrates the copper wire for the bail into the veins of the polymer maple leaf which hangs from a braided leather cord.

Broadcast Craftcast

Alison reveals a bit more about my online class in her weekly video news. This is the debut of some new treats and I’m psyched. Go take a look and have a delightful fall weekend.