Turkish polymer for fall

This polymer necklace from Istanbul’s Nihal Erpeden┬áreminds us to enjoy the last bit of the fall season this weekend. The Turkish to English translation is pretty rough but the visuals tell you what you need to know.

Look closely to see how she integrates the copper wire for the bail into the veins of the polymer maple leaf which hangs from a braided leather cord.

Broadcast Craftcast

Alison reveals a bit more about my online class in her weekly video news. This is the debut of some new treats and I’m psyched. Go take a look and have a delightful fall weekend.

  • reply Pati Bannister ,

    Lovely work. I especially like the delicacy of the leaf and the vibrant spirit of the color and movement of the little beads.

    • reply Sandra F. Davis ,

      Cynthia, Nihal Erpeden’s work is fancy. I like the colors of the leafs and the leather cord.

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