Undercut polymer

Montarsi on PCDaily

Jan Montarsi gives us a fine example of undercutting a veneered shape technique that Ron Lehocky showed last week. Instead of a heart outline, Jan uses a shield shape for his Carnivorous lapel pin.

The edges slope gently because he’s angled the craft knife to remove excess underneath. (Watch Ron Lehocky here if you need a refresher. See step 2 at 2:40 and 3:56.)

Of course Jan’s way with metallics makes the shape even more dramatic and with this before-and-after sanding picture, he demonstrates how that extra step adds richness and depth.

Long ago Jan shared his methods of tinting metallic clays with alcohol inks to achieve clear, warm colors. You can still find his tutorial here. See more examples on Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook.