Wearable gremlins

This is William Wallace’s (HighlandCreative) version of the gremlin that terrorized Bart Simpson. It’s complete with a swinging tongue and a menacing grin. Very wearable if you’re in that kind of mood.

Wallace is on a quest to create the ultimate Tiki necklace. Check his Instagram and you’ll see that he’s well on his way.

Memories in polymer

Lazy on PCDaily

A sad sweet moment fromĀ Seattle’s Leah Lazy (LittleLazies) after the death of Carrie Fisher and then her mother.

Polymer artist Leah was all prepared with her 2″ polymer princess. After the news, Leah said, “My heart is broken…but I am happy that for some reason my heart told me to make a Little Lazies Leia this year – I’m keeping this one. Rest In Peace, Princess.”

See more of the Little Lazies on Leah’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Etsy. She reminds us that polymer can be good for capturing memories of all sorts.

Polymer blooms

Lehmann on PCDaily

Yes, yes, Germany’s Jana Lehmann knows just what we need for Monday. Her flowerpot pins bloom with bright graphic flowers springing out of textured cone shaped Skinner-blended pots.

Each flower contains a contrasting “seed” bead and is topped with dots of polymer. Jana says she prefers flowers in pots because they last longer than cut flowers in vases.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana stepped away from her precise style and used only very basic tools to create these monsters for a Fimo kids book she’s writing. See the whole range of her work on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook.

Monster veggies

Atkinson on PCDaily

Put a couple of eyes on your fruits and veggies and suddenly they’re ready for Halloween. You can see how it works for Hawaii’s Kiva Atkinson and her miniature blood oranges.

“I enjoy making unusual things, from strange Tudor food, to ethnic cuisines, to cheeky mice doing naughty things. My imagination gets to run wild all the time!” she says.

This tray of miniatures ready for baking shows you how Kiva ran wild with her vegetables. There’s more on her blog and on Flickr.

Atkinson on PCDaily

Tonight’s the night

For those of you who love tools, bop over to Craftcast this evening (8:00 EST) for the free tool talk session. Save your seat by registering here (you’ll get the notes even if you can’t stay for the party).

Oops, that’s 7:30 EST…be there!

Undead polymer

Terlizzi on PCDaily
Baldwin on PCDaily

Don’t look now but monsters are beginning to creep into the polymer pages online.

Melissa Terlizzi’s trio of Zombie Brooches: Accessories for the Wicked and the Undead (above) are very weird and wearable.

Melissa’s from Virginia and you’ll find her on Facebook.

Denise Baldwin (left) cooked up a batch of exotic creatures on Flickr. She’s identified herself as ODDimagination so this line of creepies shouldn’t be a surprise. She’s on Etsy. Denise is from Virginia too! Coincidence?