Lehmann on PCDaily

Yes, yes, Germany’s Jana Lehmann knows just what we need for Monday. Her flowerpot pins bloom with bright graphic flowers springing out of textured cone shaped Skinner-blended pots.

Each flower contains a contrasting “seed” bead and is topped with dots of polymer. Jana says she prefers flowers in pots because they last longer than cut flowers in vases.

Lehmann on PCDaily

Jana stepped away from her precise style and used only very basic tools to create these monsters for a Fimo kids book she’s writing. See the whole range of her work on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook.

  • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

    Love Love Love Jana’s playful color. Just what I needed with morning coffee on a cold grey day. Thanks, girl!

    • reply carole ,

      I havevalways loved her covered pens! They are so unique?

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