Art angels

Our friend Jan Crandell died this week. You may not recognize her name because she never created a cane or attended a conference. But she knew all about you as she followed along on PolymerClayDaily. She collected your works, commissioning me to purchase pieces for her at each event. (This angel from Susan Hyde was a favorite.)

Jan was my college roommate, an English teacher and a retired state education administrator. She had a huge intelligence and a quick wit. She mentored many students and colleagues.

Early each morning she read the day’s PCD post and called me if she spotted a broken link, a misspelled word or, heaven forbid, a grammatical error. The technology terrified her but if I couldn’t get to a computer she’d fix my gaffes herself. She skyped me from her hospital bed and edited faithfully until very recently.

Jan was my personal coach and cheerleader. I was her technical guru. She bought any art I made, even the awful stuff. My art angel is gone and we lost a dear friend.

Travels with polymer clay

I’m in travel mode and gravitated to this polymer clay postcard from Dayle Doroshow. I’ll be hanging out with her and if anyone can wake up my muse and kick-start my mojo, it’s Dayle. Go visit her site and you’ll see what I mean.

For more travel vibes, go to Tory Hughes site. Navigation, travel, and stamps figure prominently in many of her works. With any luck, we’ll run into her while we’re on vacation too.

Mika’s polymer mosaic muse

Laurie Mika added a few new polymer clay mosaics to her Facebook page and this one “Waking the Muse” seemed appropriate since I’m leaving for the Tennessee/Kentucky retreat today to wake my muse. The little pockets on the skirt of this character are filled with pencils and brushes.

Her “Home Sweet Home” shrine is a comforting reminder of what we value in these chaotic times.

If you’re adept at navigating Facebook, be sure to check out the other pictures Laurie has uploaded. My Facebook page is ctinapple. Join me there (though I’m not terribly sure how the whole thing works).

Happy Birthday to the Muse

Happy second birthday to Susan Lomuto and her Daily Art Muse blog. She’s the yin to PCDaily’s yang, full of inspiration and ideas. And she’s the queen of web research which she’s shared liberally with me over the course of our blog lives. Thank you, thank you.

Who better to help Susan celebrate than Sylvie Perrin, the French Queen Of Clay, whose blog has been resurrected from a computer disaster. Oh, the funny characters she has created to help us celebrate! Scroll around. Go enjoy. Happy birthday.