Mika’s polymer mosaic muse

Laurie Mika added a few new polymer clay mosaics to her Facebook page and this one “Waking the Muse” seemed appropriate since I’m leaving for the Tennessee/Kentucky retreat today to wake my muse. The little pockets on the skirt of this character are filled with pencils and brushes.

Her “Home Sweet Home” shrine is a comforting reminder of what we value in these chaotic times.

If you’re adept at navigating Facebook, be sure to check out the other pictures Laurie has uploaded. My Facebook page is ctinapple. Join me there (though I’m not terribly sure how the whole thing works).

  • reply Francie Owens ,

    Well I’m thrilled to hear that you will be attending the TN/KY guild sponsored Mammoth Cave retreat. This will be my fourth year to attend and I’m looking forward to meeting you and telling you in person how much I appreciate your wonderful blog – daily.

    Francie Owens

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