Bugs are back

Gael Keyes mimics Mother Nature with her bugs on PolymerClayDaily.com

Spring in this hemisphere means that creepy, crawlies are gathering. New Mexico’s Gael Keyes has taken note with her own series of marvelous creatures that wander across lapels and collars.

Gael’s versions are made from her cane bits and scraps but there’s method to her madness. She cuts slices of leftovers into patterns that match, much like Mother Nature. Here’s more explanation on Facebook. 

Dummer and Nichols team for polymer donuts

It takes a steady hand and a keen eye to execute this micro-Natasha technique effectively. Kathy Dummer has both.

Kathy and Carissa Nichols (both local artists I’m proud to say) have written a two-part article in October’s PolymerCafe magazine on how to make a donut pendant that uses Kathy’s special transfer technique paired with Carissa’s wire skills.

You’ll find examples of the donut pendant on Kathy’s Flickr site. She’s just launched her Etsy site as well and you can catch more of Carissa’s work here.

FYI Note: I looked it up and the technique Kathy illustrates here is based on the Damascus Ladder by Jody Bishel and others. Valerie Wright reinterpreted the technique in Barbara McGuire’s Creative Canes book and Kathy has moved it another step forward.