Polymer amulets

Jen Parrish makes polymer relics in the attic studio of a purple Victorian home stuffed with tattered antiques, pampered cats and dogs and a poet husband.

She creates for museums, the entertainment industry and for daydreaming romantics. Her glass vessel amulets are framed with textured, antiqued polymer then paired with vintage beads. The glass vial can hold wishes and other precious items. It’s topped with a tiny cork. History meets glamor in these recent magazine article photos.

Jen includes everything from tiaras to triptychs in her line of ornate enchanted polymer pretties. Would a little romance soften the beginning of your week? Look at Jen’s FB page, Etsy shop and blog.

Bankova’s clay sketches

The tags on the exotic, incised jewelry designs of Bulgarian artist Mariana Bankova read “synthetic ceramic” and “pâte polymère” so I’m guessing the material is polymer clay but they look very much like ceramic.

The washed colors and sketchy lines drawn around embedded seed beads give the pieces both a modern and romantic feel.

Reading about how the artists congregated in the small town adds to the mystique. Look at their gallery, Etsy shop and Flickr page to enjoy the full effect. (via Perlerouge)

Morris’ bohemian beads

Mixing polymer clay beads topped with delicate 3D petals and leaves, New York’s Jennifer Morris crafts romantic jewelry. She adds vintage findings, filigree, rhinestones and fabrics to heighten the retro effect.

Jennifer gives her pieces playful poetic descriptions that win you over to her bohemian worldview. What a romantic way to begin your week.

Stroll through her Etsy and Flickr sites.