Morris’ bohemian beads

Mixing polymer clay beads topped with delicate 3D petals and leaves, New York’s Jennifer Morris crafts romantic jewelry. She adds vintage findings, filigree, rhinestones and fabrics to heighten the retro effect.

Jennifer gives her pieces playful poetic descriptions that win you over to her bohemian worldview. What a romantic way to begin your week.

Stroll through her Etsy and Flickr sites.


  • reply Melanie West ,

    Holy smokes! Jennifer’s work is immaculate! She has to have “young” eyes to manage such tiny detailed. 😉

    I especially love the way she photographs them. I usually prefer less “distraction” in product photographs, but the environment she creates in her photos is perfect for her work. Brava!

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      I’ve been a fan of Jennifer’s work for some time now. I totally love her style…

      • reply Charlene ("Cat") Therien ,

        That romantic style is so sweet, I just love it. She does an amazing job with a meticulous attention to detail. Good for her, I hope she really gets a burst of activity on her website from being featured at pcd.

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