Slabs just for fun

Ashley of heyletsclay delights in holiday decorating on

Often slab earrings seem too repetitive and predictable. Where’s the fun, the heart, the Christmas spirit?
Oregon’s Ashley (heyletsclay) brings the delight back to holiday decorating. She drapes and tangles Christmas lights on a white background using extruded strings as cords and dots as lights. She cuts the meandering results into a bunch of shapes. Using an assortment of cutters, her carefree dance turns into pins, earrings, charms, and ornaments.

There’s the spirit! Bet the kids would like this!

High voltage color

Little bits of high voltage colors on a slab on

We’ve gotten ho-hum about slabs. Make a base, add some bits, press in, cut out. Yeh, yeh.

With high voltage colors and neatly stacked bits in a controlled composition, Australia’s Linzy (graciefaceau) makes us look again. Her site isn’t ready yet and her shop opens this weekend. Now she’s got our attention!

Further exploration shows that the slab is a collaboration. The slab is from Linzy and the colors are from Katherine at Hellorobbo. Recipes for her latest palette go on sale this weekend.

Breezy new designs

Welcoming Ariel with her bright colors and sweet studio to PolymerClayDaily

Ariel (The Clay Edit) from Norfolk, Virginia, is a new face for PCD.

You’ll recognize the shapes she’s fond of and the ways handles the clay. Her earrings are big and bold in the way that’s caught on, especially in Australia.

Welcoming Ariel with her bright colors and sweet studio to PolymerClayDaily

I can’t quite put my finger on how Ariel gives her earrings an American flavor. Her colors? Design twists? Her presence online is hip and vibrant.

Check out her sweet little studio. Note the “Do Good Work” reminder that sits above her space.