Stringing and shopping

Katya Karavaeva’s (nikamiart) pendants glow with colors that are both dark and clear.┬áHer pendants often have rings buried on the top from which she strings them to flatter each design.

This is not your usual drill-a-hole-and-grab-a-cord approach. Look at the multi-strand and braided cords that she’s paired with her beads on Instagram.

On sale now!

The catalog from the Into the Forest exhibit is a keeper, a souvenir of a monumental event. You can now order one online by following this link.

You might also want to click on Dan Cormier’s new online Single-Slice Mokume MasterClass which debuts in January. The pre-launch, early bird pricing ends at midnight tonight (Wednesday).

The store is now open and PCD readers can get an extra grand opening discount by using the promo code PCD20%

Polymer clay balance

Many things have changed in our world this week which has drawn me to polymer clay designs that match my off-balance mood and introduce me to new concepts.

England’s Christine Dumont introduces her two collections (ossocopia and cellularia) which are strangely beautiful. I like the offset beads surrounding this pendant. There’s much more on her site. (Thanks to Loretta Lam for the heads up.)

And then from the Dutch “Girls Next Door” site comes this multi-strand necklace that combines large and small beads. Marjon and Saskia and their friends (the purple beads are from friend Jellina) have compiled projects that run the gamut from imaginative stringing ideas to a faux-Burberry cane and scarab bracelets.

Enjoy finding your balance this weekend.

FimoSaique’s stringing

No dog days here. The weather is so lovely that I haven’t wanted to sit in front of the computer and neither do you.

FimoSaique is a one-stop polymer clay link that will get you over the Wednesday hump and back to work or play in a jiffy. (Here it is already translated into English.)

Helene K of FimoSaique has been successfully experimenting with flat button disks, stringing them in every way imaginable. One scroll down her page and you’ll have a whole new outlook. And you’ll see glimpses of her French countryside as well.