Polymer clay balance

Many things have changed in our world this week which has drawn me to polymer clay designs that match my off-balance mood and introduce me to new concepts.

England’s Christine Dumont introduces her two collections (ossocopia and cellularia) which are strangely beautiful. I like the offset beads surrounding this pendant. There’s much more on her site. (Thanks to Loretta Lam for the heads up.)

And then from the Dutch “Girls Next Door” site comes this multi-strand necklace that combines large and small beads. Marjon and Saskia and their friends (the purple beads are from friend Jellina) have compiled projects that run the gamut from imaginative stringing ideas to a faux-Burberry cane and scarab bracelets.

Enjoy finding your balance this weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    wow! Nice wake up, Cynthia! Christine’s pendants are wonderful, and those “Girls Next Door” have got a great collection going. I’m going to have to bookmark their site (and learn Dutch). Great way to kick off the weekend!

    • reply Christine Dumont ,

      I was so thrilled to see my work on your website. Thank you, Cynthia, for featuring it. Loretta, thank you! You are a star!

      • reply Carol Blackburn ,

        So pleased to see Christine’s work featured today. She’s a member of our London pc group and I’ve seen her work in the flesh. The craftsmanship is excellent. Well done Christine. Hello to Loretta and Cynthia. Have a good weekend everybody. Carol xxx

        • reply Loretta ,

          Hi Christine –
          I fell in love with your ossocopia collection. You have a delicate and dare I say “lyrical” touch with polymer. So happy to discover you. Congratulations on Progress & Possibilities to both you and Melanie. Hi Carol – when are you heading back stateside?

          • reply Christine Dumont ,

            And I am so happy to get discovered by you, Loretta! Your words are music – or should I say lyrics – to my ears. I try to capture the poetic in botanical forms and you so precisely described my intent.

            Melanie, thank you for your kind words. I just received the latest issue of Ornament and saw you featured as one of the emerging stars at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Well done, girl! I wish I could just nip over to your side of the pond and see you exhibition, but it’s a little far. I wish you great, great success.

            • reply Marjon ,

              So nice to be on your blog! We will try to write more in Englisch on our site! Plse feel free to let us know if you want a have a translation for someting. Bye, Marjon, one of the girls next door…

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