Fernandez polymer clay workout

Monday is a good day to flex your creative muscles. You can do some warm ups by looking at the wide-ranging series of exercises that Spain’s Elena Fernandez (Nanipollito) presents on her Flickr site. They’ll stretch your perspective.

Elena labels her results archeological, ethnic, Egyptian and seems to be equally drawn to ancient and modern, mixing and matching colors and styles as she goes.

Fantasy studio

Isn’t the studio-in-a-box furniture at ScrapboxUSA a wonderful fantasy? Their products tap directly into my need for balancing creativity and organization (chaos and control).

Polymer clay on wheels

The UK’s Simon Buck and Utah’s Bill Robbins have found most unusual ways to incorporate polymer clay into their vehicles.

Simon specializes in fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark murals as well as polymer clay (glow-in-the-dark, naturally). The picture you see at the right is the sculpture on the steering wheel of his van. You’ll have to imagine it at night. And you can see one of his glowing figures here.

Bill Robbins (aka elmerpresslee) lovingly built the most twisted polymer clay baby car ever for his daughter who seems to truly delight in the madness. Of course his studio, the nerdatorium, is also a trip.

Both artists look like they’re have such fun with their art that it’s easy to look beyond the scarey parts. I scrounged the Robbins link from Kim Cavender who gravitates to the deviant side herself.