Fernandez polymer clay workout

Monday is a good day to flex your creative muscles. You can do some warm ups by looking at the wide-ranging series of exercises that Spain’s Elena Fernandez (Nanipollito) presents on her Flickr site. They’ll stretch your perspective.

Elena labels her results archeological, ethnic, Egyptian and seems to be equally drawn to ancient and modern, mixing and matching colors and styles as she goes.

Fantasy studio

Isn’t the studio-in-a-box furniture at ScrapboxUSA a wonderful fantasy? Their products tap directly into my need for balancing creativity and organization (chaos and control).

  • reply Larissa Joonas ,

    Dear Cyntia, please look at the first link in Second Look – “Teeny doggy tutorial here.”. This tutorial is not our. The author is Dolores Marple and her blog is here: http://followingtrolltracks.blogspot.com/. The error was occured with the link in our site and it happend a misunderstanding. The author is great, and the tutrial is great. Please fix the link. Thank you!

    • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

      What a treasure chest her flickr album is!
      Can’t avert my eyes any longer…

      Thank you very much for showing us examples
      of her work here, Cynthia!!!

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Oh, I WANT that storage cabinet! I have spend the weekend trying to organize a $75 second hand armoire to function like that, and it’s not easy at all! Wonderful!!

        • reply Susan ,

          I’ve been watching the smaller version of that cabinet..hoping it might go on sale! Very slick!

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