Leupold’s polymer and wire

I’ve discovered the joys of simple metalworking. After getting the magnificent Alexander Calder jewelry book from the library and seeing the delicate polymer clay/wire work of Oregon’s Dede Leupold, I am persuaded that I should try it. Dede has no web site but here’s a page of her recent work.

And I just ran across a promising site, Jewelry Lessons, that seems to have simple wireworking tutorials. The site looks perky and fun. Has anyone tried it?

Oh, there’s so much to learn once I get my power and internet connection back. Maybe today!

Wire and polymer clay

Wire and polymer clay don’t often mix well. But France’s Celine (aka gris bleu) does a masterful job of it. (Please write if you know her last name.)

The wire is well integrated into the pieces in surprising and delightful ways that combine nicely with her strong colors. Her interview on the Parole de Pate blog translates fairly well and may give you a fresh perspective to start your week.

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