Leupold’s polymer and wire

I’ve discovered the joys of simple metalworking. After getting the magnificent Alexander Calder jewelry book from the library and seeing the delicate polymer clay/wire work of Oregon’s Dede Leupold, I am persuaded that I should try it. Dede has no web site but here’s a page of her recent work.

And I just ran across a promising site, Jewelry Lessons, that seems to have simple wireworking tutorials. The site looks perky and fun. Has anyone tried it?

Oh, there’s so much to learn once I get my power and internet connection back. Maybe today!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    What lovely cane work! I can’t help but wonder why such talented artists such as Dede don’t have web sites… well, ok, that’s a totally selfish question. I just want to see more eye candy! 😉

    I haven’t tried any of those tutorials, but there are some really good wire jewelry books out here.

    Sending you lots of good electrical thoughts, Cynthia!

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      Haven’t tried the Jewelrylessons site, but if Eni Oken is involved, it’s probably quite good. Lisa Niven Kelly’s site, http://www.beaducation.com/ is another one to check out.

      • reply Steve Ford ,

        The Calder book is really great, and there is a large show of 120 Calder jewelry pieces at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until November 2, then it travels to the Met in NYC, and onto Dublin. I found the scale and inventiveness of the jewelry really exciting.

        • reply Dede leupold ,

          Hi Cynthia,
          Thanks for the post. And a great job on the Pingree pics! Feels like a dream. What a great week.
          Hope things are getting back to normal for you.

          • reply victoria angelica ,

            que ”lindura” disculpen no se el ingles……

            • reply Leupold’s polymer process ,

              […] planning to achieve such delicate shading and color combinations that sing. Here are earlier looks (1 and 2) at Dede’s work and the jewelry made from her canes on her Esty […]

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