We bumped into Bettina Welker's work back in March. Since then she's added some interesting pieces to her site. Bettina is a graphic designer and her polymer clay work is as cleverly designed and neatly executed as her web sites.

Bettina's site has an English translation (whew) and I'm just guessing that she looks after the German guild's site which is a true beauty.

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  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Whew, thanks for featuring my work again Cynthia. I’m really flattered about that. And yes, you’re right. I also did our guild’s pages;)


    PS: probably you could change “Walker” into “Welker”;)

    • reply Barbara ,

      I’ve been admiring Bettina’s work for some time now (familiar with her through the PCCentral site)… it’s really good to see her featured here at Polymer Clay Daily. 🙂

      aka ‘clayfeet’

      • reply Tania McCulloch ,

        Lovely websites. The idea of using a background of uncooked rice (?Yvonne Volger) to display your art for the camera is very novel!


        • reply Nadja Fuenfsinn ,

          Bettinas work is awesome (both the Polymer and the webdesign)! And I would like to thank her for organizing the first big PolymerClay-workshop with Lisa Pavelka in Germany in september!

          • reply Ute ,

            Wow… Bettina,
            hast es in die internationale Polymer- Garde geschafft. Gratuliere! Auf diesen Moment arbeite ich hin – in der Polymerkunst bei Euch

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