Kruglak’s polymer meditation

Here’s a pleasant approach to consider as I putter and play this week. “As I work, I meditate consciously, imbuing each piece with energy and blessings to benefit the person who will eventually own it,” says Boulder, Colorado artist Ann Kruglak.

Ann first started making masks from natural materials, a service project that raised $9,000 for rainforest charities. Now she’s using polymer clay, natural materials and glass to create masks, wall hangings and sculpture, donating all her proceeds to the World Land Trust – US, a land conservancy charity. “It is my joy to create, and be of service, so I donate all of my time in creating and marketing the art, as well as the cost of materials to benefit the Earth,” she says.

Ann’s Anemone Teapot received first place sculpture honors in the international guild’s 2008 Progress and Possibilities competition. Her work is sold online here.

Thanks to Maureen Carlson for pointing me to Ann’s site. Maureen met Ann at the recent IPCA conference in Chicago and was charmed by Ann’s story (and nobody knows a good story better than Maureen).

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  • reply Kathi ,

    I love Ann’s work. I got to meet her at the retreat too. what an amazing journey she is on!

    • reply Pat Lacy ,

      I haven’t had the honor of meeting Ann, but I plan on making it a priority. Her work is inspirational. I especially like the idea of “meditating consciously, imbuing each piece with energy and blessings to benefit the person who will eventually own it.” I share that same philosophy in my daily meeting with people, but never thought about putting it into my art. Thank you Cynthia for sharing Ann with the world, and thank you Ann for being there to share back.

      • reply Ann Kruglak ,

        Thanks for the lovely article. It is my fondest dream that my project will inspire others to create their own gifts to the earth, and that theirs will in turn inspire others, creating a positive snowball effect. You article seems to have created just that. So, again, many many thanks.

        Ann Kruglak

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