Playful experts – Bohmer and Aaron

Taking a playful approach in the studio has drawn me to others’ playful polymer clay works.

For instance, this loop necklace from Germany’s Margit Böhmer is colorful and carefree with a few bead surprises tucked in the centers. Or you could interpret this as a primitive piece made from rainbow steak bones. Either way, it’s unselfconscious and fun. A browse through Margit’s Flickr site reveals more of her adventurous and capricious spirit.

Israel’s Shay Aaron posted a tiny tutorial of his miniature fish cane. You’ve got to be a bit of a kid to make tiny fish. His sandwich earrings, pizza charms and totally believable small foods are big fun.

Note: In response to your requests, I added a couple of “after” pictures to Friday’s post.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Margit’s Tibetan necklace made me drool. It is Stunning, inspiring and OOAK.
    Shay’s food creations are unbelievably real looking. You could just go in, grab it, and take a bite. Maybe not me, I’m a vegan.

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