Palette knife polymer

Stroppel on PCDaily

Florida’s Alice Stroppel smeared bits of polymer onto a glass pane placed over her sketch of a woman. She bakes right on the glass then removes it.

I wish I’d paid attention to the finer points of Alice’s palette knife process. The next time the small painting appeared it was dramatically matted and framed and artists were excitedly bidding on it.

Only go to Alice’s blog and Flickr and Etsy sites if you’re willing to be distracted and have time to jump into her world. She uses polymer in unusual and uncomplicated ways that beg to be tried.

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  • reply Alice Stroppel ,

    Oh my, thank you Cynthia. I was very happy that there were people interested in my polymer painting and that it raised money for the cause.
    Another reason to save your scraps, it’s a technique that always yields interesting results.
    Libby Mills made my day by winning the bid and she didn’t realize that many of the colors I used were from her work table. I begged for some scraps from around the room because there were such wonderful colors already mix.
    So it’s special that her scraps helped complete the painting.
    Great memories, and such fun, thank you again.

    • reply Wendy Moore ,

      She is a wondrous source of inspiration! Creatively fearless. I love this piece! Congratulations again Alice!

    • reply Lorrene Baum-Davis ,

      Wonderful post. She is also a very sweet soul.

      • reply Aims ,

        Alice – you always keep rocking the world with your art!! I’ve followed you for how many years now?? Not surprised that everything you do turns out incredible!
        Congratulations on your wonderful adventure and the fantastic results that come out of it!

        • reply Connie Nibarger ,

          I Love to work with Polymer Clay but I am so confused about the baking time, isn’t there a more simple way of making sure your clay is done. I either burn it, under fire it or something. I could sure use some help in figuring it out.

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