Polymer clay angles


These polymer clay earrings from Lindsay Locatelli (WazoDesigns) are all lines and angles and not quite matching in a thoroughly modern way.

Lindsay sometimes carves wood and her expertise shows. We usually think of faceting using triangular shapes. Here she cuts straight down to form rectangular planes. Her use of climbing ropes for stringing beads is another favorite departure for Lindsay.

Go check her out on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s an earlier PCD feature.

Turkey Day


Happy Turkey Day from the USA via Marina Andrin from Serbia. It’s a small world.

Enjoy Marina’s menagerie in polymer on Facebook, Bahance, and Pinterest.

Let me share Mari O’Dell’s holiday greeting that reminds us all to remember that: ..

If your blessing is wealth, share it.
If your blessing is health, take care of it.
If your blessings are people, love them.
This season we see more clearly now we’re blessed by giving and receiving.
We know deep down what matters most is family and friends.

Parts, pieces, problem solving polymer

Campbell at PCDaily

Don’t be fooled by this little quilt-like image of Heather Campbell’s mixed media assemblage that includes much sculpted polymer. You must envision it full-sized – a 4-foot square!

And be sure to look at Heather’s in-process photos like the one below to get a better idea of the size and complexity of the piece.

The heavily encrusted circles and spirals join into one piece called Keep Circling. This story speaks about the need to, “Keep searching for that space and place that gives you meaning and purpose. You are the only one that can recognize and identify your center as home.” she explains.

Campbell on PCDaily

Heather says that, “All my assemblage pieces have a story, and it’s so much more fulfilling to me to work on something with parts and pieces, and problem solving.”

Heather refers to her style as Bohemian Nouveau, combining the free spirited characteristics of the Bohemian lifestyle with the decorative motifs of the Art Nouveau movement. Learn much more on her sites on Pinterest, Artful Home and Artists of Utah.







Polymer and hardware

Ajates on PCDaily

Spain’s Fabi Perez Ajates shows off these pendant samples for her new classes. Great shapes and unusual hinges set off her rich textures and colors.

Like yesterday’s Patti Bannister, Fabi is a mixed media artist who jumps between painting and polymer. You can watch as Fabi smoothly shifts gears on her site.

I’m latching onto fast food wifi to post today as I travel for the holidays. Here’s hoping for good weather and safe travels for all of us.

Polymer with nine lives


North Carolina’s Patti Bannister considers herself a painter but when a tactile mood hits her she returns to polymer…and cats.

These mosaic pieces will make their way as jewelry on her Etsy site. See Patti’s whole range of work on Flickr. Patti’s example makes us appreciate our accommodating medium that allows us to stay flexible and switch gears whenever the mood strikes or the situation changes.

On the road again

We’re back on the road heading to family for Thanksgiving. Still itching from poison oak but happy to be driving east.

Op-art polymer

Derc on PCDaily

This March we looked at Bridget Derc’s polymer-covered bottle. This time the UK artist tackled a kleenex box, applying  crisp stripes in punchy colors and geometric patterns that tease the eye.  See more of her op-art polymer on Pinterest and Flickr and read about her on this gallery site.

Mojo tricks from the archives
Doroshow on PCDaily

Dayle Doroshow learned one of her favorite techniques from Kathy Amt at the 1996 Ravensdale conference. You can still see those collaged mokume gane steps in Dayle’s current work (as in this 4″ tile for the FIMO project).

She shares the instructions with the StudioMojo folks in a video this Saturday. Dayle also added a free Shoe Brooch video on her website.

There’s still time to join the StudioMojo fans for a look back at historic tricks that you might not be familiar with. Sign up now.

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