Blazing new polymer paths

Trachsel on PCDaily

Sandra Trachsel’s works will have you squinting and scratching your head. How is that kind of precision possible?

Sandra (ST-art-clay) explains that she combined an illusion quilt pattern from Caryl Bryer Fallert and Dan Cormier’s matrix cane idea. For her mud cloth bracelet, she credits Donna Kato for the cane ideas and Dan Cormier for the forms.

trachsel on PCDaily

A trip through Sandra’s recent work shows that while she’s been inspired by great teachers, she’s veering off on her own path which we’ll happily follow.

Polymer snails

Ortiz De La Torre on PCDaily

This Snails 17″ necklace from Madrid’s Silvia Ortiz de la Torre shows us bright new ways with extruded polymer. We’ll have to guess how the coiled strips reveal their hints of other colors. Are they mounted on a backing or baked as a single unit?

Admire more of Silvia’s works on her blog and in her Etsy shop. Learn easy and time-saving extrusion tricks in my Craftcast class next Wednesday…I’m adding more to wow you.

Have a great weekend!

Polymer grapes

Mohamed on PCDaily

The way these polymer earrings and necklace by Rositsa Mohamed hang makes me think that she lives near vineyards in Bulgaria. They look like bunches of grapes that are full and ripe and ready to pick.

Mohamed on PCDaily

Small bits of canes appliqued on the surfaces add an ethnic flavor to simple colors and patterns. See more of Rositsa’s work on Flickr and Facebook.

Rositsa fooled us with flowers the last time she was featured on PCD.

Polymer and coffee

Renata on PCDaily

Over a cup of coffee Slovenia’s Renata happened upon the inspiration for this graphic, eye-popping polymer necklace.

For her birthday Renata had requested a set of the Illy coffee mugs designed by Tobias Rehberger. Once she had the cups she felt compelled to make a companion polymer necklace. More pieces may follow.

You can see what Renata and her friends are teaching in their classes here and follow her on Flickr and on Facebook.

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