Toying with polymer

Belinda Ashton makes easy, cheery links on

UK’s Belinda Ashton appeals to the toddler in us with this necklace of multi-colored circles.

The tag should probably include a warning about not chewing on the luscious links. The big links are certainly something a wearer would twirl and play with.

What surprised me was how Belinda created this. My brain went directly to extruded clay. But I was wrong. Its construction was super simple.

In these complicated times, innocent, straightforward, cheery designs are important.

  • reply Joan Clipp ,

    I was surprised they weren’t extruded too, I imagine they’re stronger made this way. And they do look yummy!

    • reply Kate Clawson ,

      Hi Cynthia, hope all is well. I was baffled by your comment of them not being extruded and had to look a second and third time. I have to say I’m pretty sure they are, the clues I’m basing that on are the die in the one photo where it shows the cutters and knitting needle (it’s Orange, maybe a Lucy tools one?). The cutters I believe are used to form the circles.
      Also she has #extrudedclay in her tags. 😉 🙂

      • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

        Kate – You may be right. I was thrown off by her comment about the “fingerprints” she left on the clay. But using the circles as a baking form is probably right. Good detective work! Thanks.

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