Googling Monkey Find

A clue from Kathy Weaver of the Sandusky, Ohio guild led me to the site of Sharon MacLeod in Washington. Kathy had just googled around and found this artist who is new to me. I’m itching to know more.

Sharon MacLeod says of her work, "I use digitally printed paper, polymer clay, and tubing to create affordable, lightweight, one of a kind and limited production jewelry. Looking at a finished piece, the nature of the work is not obvious, and I am often asked, "What is this made of?"

Each piece is made individually and involves many steps: creating original art or altering and enhancing patterns from other sources, printing the paper, making the polymer clay pieces, gluing the paper to the clay and tubing, and assembling the components, incorporating metal elements, glass beads, and other materials. Multiple coats of matte varnish are brushed on to seal the paper surfaces, making the jewelry durable and water resistant."

Sharon worked as a graphic artist before making the transition to full-time professional craftsperson. She returned to designing and making jewelry in 1999 when she discovered the potential of using digital imaging in her jewelry design. She lives in a secluded cabin in the woods of southwest Washington state.

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    Sharon’s jewelry is delicious! I love the blend of architectural beauty and whimsy, in her textures and compositions. I’m inspired. And I’ve finally found what’s missing from my jewelry

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      […] The work of Washington’s Sharon MacLeod makes me want to see more. PCDaily first featured her thin polymer clay bangles in January 2006, noting that her site was last updated in 2003. She signed the PCDaily guestbook this summer and sent the picture at the top right. […]

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